Quanta of embodied cognition

After my studies on synchronization in language, conversation and neurophysiology, I am now approaching their integration.

On one side this implies the probabilistic, quantum field approach already implicit in works around Mind Force.

On the other side, this follows the route opened by Francisco Varela in neurophenomenology. This will highlight the scaling from neural events to the microphenomenology of experience and human interactions.

This also extends the work of Walter J Freeman on cinematic frames of neurodynamics. It is connecting it to meditative quanta of experience, embodied cognition, and the shared present of Daniel Stern.

Further exploration on this ongoing with collaborators of my network lab.

An interesting matter to be studied is the possible undelying continuity below these quanta of experience, like ripples on the surface of a quiet pond, or waves over the stream of a river or the sea.

Autumn reflections with drip rings